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How to create the best audiences for your campaigns

Anyone who has to engage with customers including marketers have to create audience segments so they can deliver more relevant, personalized messages at scale. Instead of sending the same message to your all of your customers, targeting specific segments makes for a better engagement, customer experience and campaign outcomes.

Qualities of good audience segments

The best audience segments are divided among different channels as customers want to have a cohesive experience irrespective of the platform where they use to interact with your brand. Creating segments in each end of your tools creates a disjointed experience for your customers so for the best results, build your segments based on where your data originates from and share them across your channels. Behavior based data tends to give more helpful information for developing audiences and relevant messages than demographic data in these audience segments. 

Create richer audiences with existing customer analytics

You can create an audience of users who viewed a product page or signed up for newsletters. You can also use a BI tool to build an audience of people with similar interests that open their emails frequently but do not make purchases. 

The best audience to get started with B2B 

From the first time a visitor visits your website pages or apps to the point where they sign up and keep coming back. 

High value prospects 

These are accounts in your sales funnel that you need to play close attention to, they can be companies of any size, or from different industries that have requested for a demo or signed up for an account. If they have displayed high intent signals, then there is a high chance you will see them convert. 

Unengaged prospects 

These prospects may have shown interest and were engaged in the sales cycle at a point but now act like they will not convert. If a user exhibits this behavior, then your team needs to act and remind them of your product.

Onboarding customers 

A lot of the main activity driving customer satisfaction and eliminating churn takes place within the first few days or weeks where they come in contact with your business. You can send welcome emails or tips for getting started to get them interested in your brand.

Ready to upgrade 

Gauging a customer’s willingness to move to a bigger contract can be difficult if you don’t have the right data. If you do, with tracking of the right signals you can tell when a client is ready to upgrade, like users who have engaged with a recent ad campaign.

Customers likely to churn 

Churn affects even B2B companies as well and accounts with churn risks need the attention of your team or you lose revenue. Signs an account may churn include submitting a large number of support tickets.

The importance of audience flexibility and customization. 

Different companies have different audiences based on the customer base and products. Some companies have a longer sales cycle like companies that have annual contracts, they also have a high deal size compared to other companies who use pay as you go monthly subscriptions. They are both on different customer journeys that need differing campaigns so their users keep moving in the same direction.

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Using data for growth

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Get every lesson delivered to your inbox

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