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We deploy a powerful machine learning monetization platform that taps into your existing commerce path and seamlessly integrates to upgrade your customer experience.

You will forge deeper relationships with your customers and generate new revenue opportunities to crush performance marketing goals.

Advanced customer acquistion audience tools will leverage your own marketplace creating an additional revenue stream with products you did not have. Level-up ROAS – iMonetize.

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Discover endless ways to customize.

Be smarter in how you drive value.

Good commerce moves though the funnel to search, consider, decide and, eventually, purchase. But what if we told you there’s additional value in that funnel, and post acquisition; hidden within the commerce engine you’ve worked so hard to build.
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HealthWidget is world-class tech-led smart device driven technology. What we don’t know about is monetization. The great thing about iMonetize is the fact that we fundamentally trust the platform, and are confident it works.

Peter Gallic

Board Member, HealthWidget

Real Time We deploy a powerful machine learning monetization platform that taps into your existing commerce path and seamlessly integrates to upgrade your customer experience. Accelerate Marketing Your Own Marketplace Serve Right Messages Accelerate Marketing Intelligently manage objectives by utilizing machine learning to drive the next best action for each customer and you. Your Own Marketplace Present personalized and relevant offers from the world's leading products that deliver value to your customers and drive additional revenue for you. Serve Right Messages Treat each customer individually, ensuring you’ll serve the most valuable and relevant message and offer every time, improving the customer experience.   
Post Transaction But what if we told you there's additional value in post acquisition; hidden within the commerce engine you've worked so hard to build. Level-Up ROAS Stop Paying CRM Fees Unlock Hidden Potential Level-Up ROAS Level-up top-dollar customer acquisitions monetizing with our future-proof post-action technology. Stop Paying CRM Fees Stop paying costly CRM fees to store your data. Use our Level 1 PCI compliant customer vault, Payccept - for free. Unlock Hidden Potential Unlock hidden potential from transactions that sit securely aging inside your CRM, database or customer vault.               

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Monetize support teams work across the globe, providing support in U.S. time zones. Proudly built on a foundation of work-life balance our ambition is to be the ultimate done for you e-commerce platform. With humble beginnings, a good attitude, and a handful of marketing campaigns in 2007, we now offer everything needed to monetize your commerce business in 2020.

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We created a 12-hour protectant, non-toxic, contains botanicals and is safe for kids and pets! iMonetize allowed us to stop paying costly CRM fees while driving a new revenue stream with products we did not have.

Anthony S. Thomas

Co-Founder, Bioglove

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