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BioGlove uses iMonetize to drive recurring sales revenues.

iMonetize commerce widgets help high growth marketers spend ad budgets smarter and improve recurring revenues.

With iMonetize we’re able to generate recurring revenues five times faster than before. We define new campaigns with the iMonetize support team, and they do the rest.”

-Sam Waterson, Senior User Acquisition Manager

Industry: Consumer Goods

Location: Florida


BioGlove is 12-hour protectant that’s non-toxic, contains botanicals and is safe for kids and pets. It’s patented commercial formula is used by large fortune 100 companies such as Honeywell, and our personal formulas are used nationwide to protect millions.

BioGlove’s core principals are entrenched in the idea of leaving the planet better than we found it. Our products protect you and your loved ones from daily invisible threats that are forcing us to rethink our behaviors. With BioGlove you can rest easy knowing that our team of world-class chemists, pharmacists, and entrepreneurs are focused on a better tomorrow. Biogloves unique formulas destroy viruses after 12 hours and ten hand washings, on the surface studies show its still working 28 days later.

The Challenge

BioGloves user acquisition team faced a common dilemma in growth marketing: They had more ideas than time to test them.

“Before committing to intemal monetization efforts, we would look at how difficult it was to pull together things like an audience, other products to sell, and scaling additional payment processing. We made the decision to allow iMonetize to do what they do best so we could focus on our core business objectives.” Said Sam Waterson, Senior user acquisition manager.

Because setting up new campaigns and building custom audiences was too time intensive, the marketing team often stuck with campaigns that had mediocre results.

Campaign ideation to execution took a few days of collaboration between BioGlove’s data and user acquisition teams. Not only was BioGlove passing on a number of their growth ideas, but the audience data they used for campaigns also became stale quickly.

Furthermore, BioGlove’s products products were not being consumed as they had target for with auto ship, which made it hard to capture recurring revenue from any of their new customer acquisitions.

The Solution

To understand and expand its growing customer base, BioGlove chose to unify all of their monetization efforts by loading all their data into iMonetize’s future proof technology platform. IMonetize added 16 additional products to BioGlove’s offerings.

Because they already had all of their customer data in the iMonetize platform, BioGlove could easily adopt new products to monetize with their existing marketing funnels.

The iMonetize team is constantly testing and adjusting campaigns to improve their marketing return. Experiments they are testing include real time split product A/B testing, price point optimization, and reactivation campaigns to convert non buyers.

Using iMonetize, BioGlove’s user acquisition team could test and execute more campaigns and experiments with the additional recurring ROAS. Today, BioGlove uses iMonetize across all of their paid acquisition media campaigns and email efforts.

The Results

“With iMonetize, we’re able to generate ROAS 5x faster than before. We can define business objectives of a new campaign and they can very quickly generate higher ROAS.” said Sam Waterson, Senior User Acquisition Manager.

“We have over a million consumers that visit our campaigns a month, and there are so many reasons that someone should or should not be visiting a particular campaign. iMonetize makes sure we’re up selling relevant products that our users want while we earn recurring revenues.

Using iMonetize, the user acquisition team at BioGlove saw a 23% improvement in cost per conversion, and a 300% lift in recurring revenues from the additional products added to their ecommerce campaigns by iMonetize.

According to Waterson, “The benefit of iMonetize is that you’re continually giving your campaigns an up-to-date product offering without the stress of taking on additional staff to manage all the additional business, while iMonetize takes on all the risk and provides our company large recurring deposits.”

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