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EyeBenefits powers unified monetization across the entire user experience

EyeBenefits offers Discount Vision Membership Programs to groups and individuals with several million cardholders nationwide. Using iMonetize widgets to centralize real time monetization, EyeBenefits boats an additional revenue stream with over 42 months recurring.
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iMonetize has enabled us to streamline the entire data monetization process while maintaining flexibility to customize per customer as needed.”

-Grace Rogers, VP of Business Intelligence

Industry: Benefits

Location: Arizona


EyeBenefits established in 1987, offers a Discount Vision Membership Program to groups and individuals with over two million cardholders nationwide. EyeBenefits is always seeking additional high quality eye care professionals and has won several awards for its programs.

There are no restrictions or limitations on the number of purchases. EyeBenefits membership may be used as your primary vision source or to enhance your current vision insurance plan, and can save an average of 40-50% on Lasik procedures with over 15,000 locations nationwide, including VisiosnWorks, America’s Best, Lenscrafers, Pearle Vision, Walmart, Sam’s Club and many more.

The Challenge

Turn EyeBenefits massive two million plus digital member base into a growth opportunity

With millions of Americans consuming EyeBenefits products, the team had the opportunity to understand its users’ buying patterns. However, it had previously taken an in house approach to monetization, which resulted in months with no added revenue. No matter how skilled or successful their team was at marketing and advertising, the walled off tech stack, lack of other products, and the inability to mass scale merchant processing & customer service left them without additional revenues.

EyeBenefits knew it had a huge untapped opportunity from the millions of customer records securely aging inside their customer vault and other properties. The result would be powerful consumer experience making happier customers along the way. What’s more, the cost and burden of supporting so many different approaches could be replaced with a single architecture that was more operationally and fiscally efficient.

Even though standardizing EyeBenefits monetization to a unified real time experience across the entire customer base could enable a massive upside, it was a massive challenge for their team to tackle. What’s more, their team was also tasked with finishing off its new ecommerce platform and backend CRM buildout in order to align with its shareholders revenue goals.

The Solution

Centralize with real time widgets to gain additional transaction revenue in the initial commerce path.

To accomplish such a comprehensive project across the distinct systems with nearly 3 millions EyeBenefit customers seemed impossible. Searching for technical solutions to speed up the project, the EyeBenefits team discovered that iMonetize provided a means to quickly accomplish its goals. Since iMonetize could gather data from across all its digital properties it was the perfect choice for pulling together its many data sources.

Using iMonetize, EyeBenefits could also generate a recurring revenue stream without draining the current resources across the organization. That access and ease of launch would further enable downstream analytic tools to maximize recurring revenues.

With iMonetize as the foundation, EyeBenefits team put into place two core pillars upon which to build its new monetization strategy:

Create and enforce a new data capture standard across the organization.

Give iMonetize real time access to the data

First, by standardizing how messaging flowed for every user interaction with EyeBenefits, it could ensure they were making happier customers along the way. The standard would also ensure users would gain a better experience then they received before iMonetize. For example, EyeBenefits only had one product prior to iMonetize, now they offer an additional 12 digital and physical products their consumers wanted to purchase.

Using iMonetize would allow EyeBenfits to maximize the amount it could afford to spend to acquire a user. With the new structure, it could operate with the highest quality media channels and provide payouts to its media partners and affiliates, effectively boosting its EPC for scale.

We were diligent about ensuring we were placing our customers in excellent hands with iMonetize,” said Grace Rodgers, VP of business intelligence EyeBenefits. “Sure, we had failed at monetizing with our in house efforts, but it actually made us appreciate working with an outside plug and play solution. It’s really important that iMonetize helps increase our customers satisfaction, while providing us additional long term recurring revenues.”

The Results

Powered by iMonetize, every user experience at EyeBenefits has an increased customer, and revenue value

Even under a tight 6 month timeline to satisfy Eyebenefit its shareholder expectations, iMonetize was able to successfully implement a centralized user experience to monetize millions of EyeBenefit customers, and increase its product offerings from just 2 to over 14.

This new monetization approach has fueled insights and driven opportunities for more accurate business metrics, unprecedented targeting, and enterprise-wide data alignment.

Visualize and measure enterprise-wide key periormance indicators in real time.

Uncover insights to power unprecedented ROAS, media targeting, and business development capabilities.

With a centralized view of data across brands, EyeBenefits teams can create rich, robust, and dynamic consumer profiles with happier customers. These profiles are then used to guide media execution, optimize content recommendations, improve product development strategies, and inform business decisions.

Drive impact across the organization with an aligned, cross-departmental media and user acquisition strategy.

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