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How HealthWidget acquires & increases value of its customers with iMonetize

HealthWidget increased customer acquisitions by over 5000% boasting 3 million additional paid customers in just 14 months using reliable media channels powered by iMonetize.

iMonetize allows us to seamlessly acquire & monetize new customer acquisitions. Using their real time, and post acquisition widgets, we can truly focus on core competencies with our platform. It doesn’t matter which media channel, with iMonetize it’s always consistent growth.

– Chad Ruiz, Software Development Lead

Industry : Health

Location : Florida


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The Challenge

Achieve cohesive customer acquisitions to monetize the customer experience from end to end.

From the start, HealthWidget experienced rich customer engagement but limited growth due to its co-founders having backgrounds in development & technology, but not media or advertising.

Management realized they lacked red-time widgets, and additional products to have an opporunity to own the customer life cycle end to end. To continue to grow its customer base, HealthWidget needed more granular insight into where & how to acquire new customers, and the true cost they could afford to pay for media.

At the time, analysts were using incumbent analytic tools to track key metrics such as active users, number of deployments, and number of APIs running across the service. However, the pipeline for customer acquisitions wasn’t consolidated. This made it difficult to confirm that the data was consistent across tools.

“There was no single platform which could be used to monitor the encl-.-end customer life cycles”, said Chad Ruiz, Software Development Leader focused on Growth and Analytics of HealthWidget.

“We needed an overhaul to our customer acquisition strategy. The goal was to have one consistent platform for acquiring and also monetizing new customers” said Ruiz.

“Given the complexity of different media channels we knew that we needed to utilize a platform that could scale infinitely with us. The iMonetize Customer Success Team helped us focus in a way that allowed us to scale into millions of new customers” he explained.

The Solution

Targeted audiences and normalized messaging led to scaled customer acquisitions.

To achieve a unified view of the customer, the iMonetize team decided to launch all new customer acquisition campaigns.

iMonetize used real time widgets to get in front of customers that were already purchasing similar products.

HealthWidget also wanted to monetize existing customers on their platform and provided iMonetize access to its CRM & customer vault to unlock hidden potential of aged data.

‘We had a vision of being able to acquire new customers consistently” said Peter Thompson, Director of Growth at HealthWidget. We knew we had to do something new. The starting point was find correct media channels then delivering better messaging to our customers in a seamless way at or around the point of purchase. We set up a pilot program with iMonetize to test the viability of this vision.

By using iMonetize to power customer acquisitions HealthWidget was able to tailor its messaging to individual customers already in the market.

iMonetize helped HealthWidget gain additional transactions in real time offering products and services they did not have.

The success of this pilot encouraged the HealthWidget team to conduct a company wide scaled roll-out.

The HealthWidget team also uses iMonetize to securely store its customer data for future monetization.

Today, HealthWidget integrates all forms of new customer acquisitions with iMonetize. Leveraging the intelligence of the iMonetize platform to deploy a powerful machine learning monetization platform to upgrade their customer experiences, gain new revenue streams making happier customers.

“iMonetize allows us to handle the core of our business without worry. We can clearly understand what we can afford to new acquire customers, and trust the information that’s being displayed across our business”.

The Results

Customer acquisitions by Monetize powers HealthWidget growth to over 3 million paid customers.

HealthWidget now relies on iMonetize to drive growth that powers its revenues. “The goal of the pilot program was to establish viability of the vision so HealthWidget could use a single platform to both acquire and monetize new customers”, Thompson said.

‘We A/B tested the iMonetize program against large media agencies, and advertising networks. We looked at the iMonetize numbers in amazement. At first we assumed something was wrong in reporting. Our new customer conversions were increasing, and the lifetime customer value was being monetized in real time” added Thompson.

“To streamline the integration process, iMonetize provided the HealthWidget team with continued strategic guidance and hands-on advice throughout the onboarding process. iMonetize also supports the group on an ongoing basis.

“With iMonetize there is one endpoint for both acquisitions and monetization,” Thompson said. “You don’t have to hire an expert for media buying, direct response, code base or design to monetize your customers with additional products or services. I just have to integrate their real time and post acquisitions widgets, and then new customers are coming to us consistently. That is so valuable.”

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