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MDL increased post transaction revenues by adding iMonetize.

MDL optimized millions of customer partial purchase records from a post transaction position by integrating iMonetize with its CRM & customer vault environments to leverage additional transactions with massive recurring revenues.
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As our business grows, it has become increasingly important to understand where to Spend online, how to increase conversions, and which products to monetize in the spirit of creating a happier customer. The great thing about iMonetize is they do all the heavy lifting.

– Monica Olsen, Director of Business Development

Industry: Telehealth

Location: New York

The Company

Launched in 2020, MedicalDoctors Live a subsidiary of serval notable healthcare brands is a direct to consumer telehealth company headquartered in New York. The company offers direct to consumer telehealth subscriptions with no insurance or co-pays, and guarantees lifelong memberships are price locked. The company helps connect Americans by the millions with board cerlif led doctors, nurses, dermetoligists, therapists and other medical experts in the areas of everyday care, children and family, mental health, medical experts, wellness & prevention. Visits are convenient, private and secure. Protection of customer information is a top priority.

The Challenge

Telehealth built its popularity through groups, employer benefit groups, and insurance plans with limited direct to consumer performance based marketing efforts in online based campaigns, marketing funnels or offers.
MDL wanted to better target its media purchases but was limited with its product offerings, merchant account capacity and ability to retarget potential customer data.

As example, to entice people to create brand awareness and customer acquisitions MDL subsidiaries launched a series of Facebook ads in a carousal format with creative that featured satisfied MDL customers, and the convenience of telehealth.

However, as a direct to consumer company MDL needed to generate its revenue through paid customer conversions from ad spends, and had a hard time mastering the formula with proven media channels such as Facebook.

The Solution

To solve these problems MDL fumed to ‘Monetize to unlock hidden potential from buyer, and non buyer customer date sitting inside its CRM & customer vaults.

iMonetize also created several white label brands of digital and physical products for MDL in order to launch more date driven and cost effective marketing campaigns. This provided MDL the opportunity to generate new customer acquisitions, and earn revenue from products and marketing funnels iMonetize created.

Allowing MDL to more effectively get its creative in front of massive amounts of American consumers, while iMonetize widgets generated another sales conversion for its core product offerings of telehealth subscriptions.

The Results

Using iMonetize, MDL was able to increase its online direct to consumer credit card purchases by 10X. Along with a 5X increase in new customer data collected.

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