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How Wellness gets 60% of customers to say yes to their post-purchase offers.

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“We knew there was an opportunity to offer iMonetize products to each visitor, and drive up our average order value, with products, pricing and the ability to scale that we do not. iMonetize really nailed our post purchase upsell strategy right.”

-Kris Thorup, Head of user acquistion

Industry : Supplements

Location : California


Naturally Organic Supplements. That’s the name of the game at Wellness, a trusted brand that cares and serves millions of families worldwide. In an industry tainted with fly-by-night companies that cut serious corners when it comes to sourcing ingredients, manufacturing, and testing just to pad their pockets, Wellness invests an unprecedented amount of time and financial resources in our 7-Stage Research and Testing Process to ensure that we deliver the world’s highest quality premium dietary supplements and nutrition products. This is Wellness unparalleled commitment to excellence. This is Wellness commitment to YOU.

The Challenge

Maximizing average order value in a high-churn sector

Since Wellness specializes in selling nutritional supplements, vitamins and CBD products, they’d always been affected by customer churn. After all, high churn is the natural position for most products within the supplement verticals.

Faced with a reality where it was commonplace for customers not to return, it became critical that Wellness maximized the value of every customer order.

“We’d already put a huge amount of work into customer acquisition, with a successful strategy encompassing paid ads, influencer marketing, and well-positioned SMS and email campaigns,” says Kris Thorup head of user acquistion at Wellness . “Our challenge now was to provide awareness to other products and offerings, in the hope of increasing revenue per visitor.”

“We became aware of opportunities to offer post-transactional upsells, but we were initially wary of having an offer on our checkout page,” said Thorup. “We didn’t want to push customers too hard, but we knew there was an opportunity to offer more products to each visitor, and drive up our average order value, if we could get our upsell strategy right”

The Solution

“We knew there was an opportunity to offer iMonetize products to each visitor, and drive up our average order value”

After seamlessly connecting their ecommerce store with iMonetize, Wellness loved the fact iMonetize could easily build custom upsell offers for their different products _They started with linking a $29 Wellness acquisition offer with a selection of appealing iMonetize upsells.

As the relationship with the iMonetize team grew they built out an increasing number of upsell offers. Among Wellness favorite features was seeing an immediate recurring revenue stream generated from digital based products that Wellness did not offer. This meant Wellness upsell results were based on conversional sales data, not guesswork.

“We know that a lot of customers in the health and wellness vertical don’t come back for a second purchase, so we really just have one chance to provide them with as much value as possible. iMonetize immediately made it easier to align that,” said Thorup. “It was great that we could finally offer more to our customers at the purchase moment when they’d just bought from us—when we have their attention, iMonetize delivers”

The Results

Six in 10 customers buy post-purchase upsells and AOV jumps 23%

iMonetize has proved an excellent post-purchase upsell solution for Wellness. They’ve seen an incredible 60% uptake of their upsell offers, and increased the average order value by 23%.

“It’s been a great surprise that 60% of customers are taking the iMonetize offers we put in front of them after their purchase,” said Thorup. “We’re able to give more value to our customers, giving us a chance for a better first impression.”

For Wellness processing many millions of dollars of orders every year, the extra recurring revenue from iMonetize upsells equates to a significant amount of income for Wellness shareholders.

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